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Landscaping Supplies

Our knowledgable staff is ready to answer any questions about your project needs. Serving Southern California landscape materials supply. With pickup & delivery options for gravel and stone, river rock, ground cover, aggregates, planting soils & mixes, artificial turf, pea gravel, mulch, bark, and more.

Custom Soil Blending

Our superior soil mixes provide the best environment and nutrients for your gardening projects. Not only do we blend our proprietary soils and specialty mixes in-house but we offer this service to customers who are looking to have additional nutrients or complete mixes manufactured.

Blower Installation Service

We can handle jobs of all sizes from large scale freeway projects to backyard playgrounds. VelasCo Materials owns and operates a specialized blower truck giving our customers the opportunity to have us install many of our mulches, playground chips, compost, and even some of our specialized soils.


We have transloaded everything from books to mining equipment. VelasCo Materials imports many products from all over the US and offers this service to our large volume customers. Transloading is the offloading, storage and reloading of, usually in our case, bulk commodity materials.


We have the right delivery truck to accommodate any size project. VelasCo Materials offers delivery options via walking floors, transfer trucks, roll offs, dump trucks, and dump trailers. Whether it is delivering your landscaping supplies to you or fulfilling the needs of a larger project, we have the right truck for the job.

Artificial Turf Installation

Our experienced network of contractors is ready for your next landscaping project. Working with our large contractor base we can offer referrals to certified, licensed, and bonded contractors in your area who can work with you to have our artificial turf installed and ready for backyard BBQing in no time.

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